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TASK \ OS Linux Solaris
OS notes (rh) = Red Hat, Mandrake, Suse,... (deb) = Debian, Libranet,... (mand) = Mandrake (SuSE) = SuSE Solaris 2.0-2.6, 7, 8, 9 (SunOS 5.*) SVR4-based
administrative GUI (rh, FC2+, RHEL4+) system-config* (rh) redhat-config* linuxconf (obsolete) (SuSE) yast2 (deb) dpkg-reconfigure (mand) drakconf solstice admintool smc (8 01/01+)
managing users useradd userdel adduser chage useradd userdel usermod /usr/sadm/bin/smuser (9+) groupadd
TASK \ OS  Linux Solaris
list hardware configuration dmesg (if you're lucky) /proc/* lshw dmidecode lspci lspnp lsusb lsmod (SuSE) hwinfo prtconf -v /usr/platform/`uname -i`/ sbin/prtdiag -v (sun4u and sun4d only) arch -k psrinfo -v isainfo -v dmesg iostat -En prtfru cfgadm -l /etc/path_to_inst
show/set EEPROM/NVRAM values /dev/nvram (if you have it) hwclock nvsetenv eeprom
add device without reboot modprobe kerneld insmod hotplug cardctl devfsadm. pre-Solaris 7 HW 11/99, use: drvconfig; devlinks; {disks, tapes, ports}
tape device /dev/st0 /dev/rmt/0
stdin/ stdout/ stderr /dev/fd/[012] /dev/fd/[012]
X kvm config xf86config XFree86 -configure redhat-config-xfree86 /etc/X11/?dm kdmconfig (x86) fbconfig; m64config; (etc.)
TASK \ OS  Linux Solaris
read a disk label  fdisk -l prtvtoc
whole disk in partition  /dev/hda (e.g. if /dev/hda1 is a partition) 2
label a disk  cfdisk fdisk e2label format prtvtoc (x86) fdisk
partition a disk  parted (if you have it) fdisk pdisk (on a MAC) (deb) mac-fdisk (on a MAC) (mand) diskdrake format fmthard
TASK \ OS  Linux Solaris
kernel /boot/vmlinuz* /boot/bootlx (see /etc/lilo.conf or /boot/grub/menu.lst) /kernel/genunix /platform/`uname -m`/  kernel/unix /platform/`uname -m`/  kernel/sparcv9/unix (7+)
show/set kernel parameters /proc/* /proc/sys/* sysctl /etc/sysctl.conf sysdef getconf cat /etc/system ndd adb -k
loaded kernel modules lsmod modinfo
load module insmod modload
unload module rmmod modunload
make disk bootable (rh) mkbootdisk (deb) fdisk -A (and lilo to manipulate mbr) installboot /usr/platform/ `uname -m` /lib/fs/ufs/bootblk raw_device_file
startup scripts  /etc/rc* (but may vary) /etc/init.d/ /etc/rc* /etc/init.d/ (10+) svcadm (10+) svcs
shutdown (& power off if possible) ? shutdown -y -g0 -i5
run levels 1 *=normal states for more detail see (set in /etc/inittab) 0: halt s,S,1: vendor-dependent 1: single-user 2-5*: multiuser 6: reboot 0: firmware monitor s,S: single-user 1: sys admin 2: multiuser 3*: share NFS 4*: user-defined 5: power-down if possible 6: reboot
show runlevel 1 /sbin/runlevel who -r
time zone info /usr/share/zoneinfo/ /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/
check swap space  swapon -s cat /proc/meminfo cat /proc/swaps free swap -s swap -l
TASK \ OS  Linux Solaris
"normal" filesystem  ext2 ext3 ReiserFS ufs
volume-based filesystem  LVM, LVM2 EVMS VxVM ($) Solstice DiskSuite VxVM ($)
file system description  /etc/fstab /etc/vfstab (local)
volume manipulation e2fsadm lvcreate lvremove lvextend meta* (Solstice DiskSuite; Solaris Volume Mgr (9+)) (7-, found in /usr/opt/SUNWmd/  sbin/) /opt/VRTSvxva/bin/vxva (Veritas Volume Mgr) ($)
create filesystem mke2fs mkreiserfs mkdosfs newfs mkfs
file system debugging and recovery fsck debugfs e2undel fsck fsdb clri
create non-0-length empty file dd if=/dev/zero of=filename bs=1024k count=desired mkfile
mount CDROM mount /mnt/cdrom (deb) mount /cdrom /etc/init.d/vold start; volcheck or mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/dsk/c0t6d0s2 /cdrom
eject CDROM   eject cdrom
create/mount ISO image mkisofs mount -o loop pathToIso mountPoint mkisofs2;DEVICE=`lofiadm -a /absolute_pathname/image.iso` ; mount -F hsfs -o ro $DEVICE
ACL management getfacl setfacl getfacl setfacl
TASK \ OS  Linux Solaris
NFS share definitions /etc/exports /etc/dfs/dfstab dfshares
NFS share command /etc/init.d/nfs-server reload (rh) exportfs -a share shareall
NFS information cat /proc/mounts showmount nfsstat
name resolution order /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/resolv.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf getent
show network interface info ifconfig ethtool ndd ifconfig -a netstat -in (8+) kstat -n hme0 | egrep 'ifspeed|duplex'
change IP (rh) redhat-config-network (fedora) system-config-network (rh) edit: /etc/hosts, /etc/sysconfig/network, /etc/sysconfig/ network-scripts/ ifcfg-eth0 (deb) edit /etc/network/interfaces; /etc/init.d/networking restart edit: /etc/{resolv.conf, hosts, hostname.*, netmasks, nodename, dumpadm.conf, inet/ipnodes, net/*/hosts} sys-unconfig; reboot (this is overkill for a simple IP or hostname change)
start DHCP client dhcpcd ifconfig interface dhcp
ping one packet   ping -c 1 hostname ping hostname  packetsize 1
sniff network etherfind tcpdump ethereal etherape snoop
route definitions  route (rh) /etc/sysconfig/network (rh) /etc/sysconfig/static-routes (deb) /etc/init.d/network (deb) /etc/network /etc/defaultrouter /etc/notrouter /etc/gateways in.routed netstat -r route add
telnetd, ftpd banner /etc/ (telnet) (ftp varies; can use tcp wrappers) /etc/default/telnetd /etc/default/ftpd
set date/time (from net: ntp or other) ntpdate rdate netdate ntpdate rdate
TASK \ OS  Linux Solaris
encrypted passwords in  /etc/shadow (may vary) /etc/shadow
allow/deny root logins /etc/securetty /etc/default/login
firewall config iptables ipchains ipfwadm (rh) redhat-config- securitylevel (9+) /usr/aset/
TASK \ OS  Linux Solaris
show installed software  (rh) rpm -a -i (rh) rpm -qa (rh) yum list installed (deb) dselect (deb) aptitude (deb) dpkg -l pkginfo prodreg admintool /var/sadm/install/contents
add software (rh) rpm -hiv (rh) yum install pkg (deb) dselect (deb) apt-get install pkg (deb) dpkg -i pkgadd
precompiled binaries of GPLware and freeware
C compiler   gcc /opt/SUNWspro/  bin/cc2
show patch level and/or patches (rh) rpm -q (rh) cat /proc/version (deb) dpkg -s showrev -p prodreg (2.6+) patchadd -p cat /etc/release
patch tool  apt-get update apt-get upgrade (rh) up2date (rh) yum update (mand) urpmi installpatch (2.5.1-) patchadd (2.6+) pkgadd /usr/sadm/bin/smpatch (9+)
configure/show runtime linking ldconfig ldd lsmod crle ldd pldd modinfo LD_PRELOAD
link library path $LD_LIBRARY_PATH /etc/ $LD_LIBRARY_PATH (7+ deprecated in favor of crle)
tracing utility  strace ltrace truss sotruss dtrace (10+)
define user defaults /etc/profile /etc/security/ /etc/skel/ /etc/default/login /etc/profile /etc/security/
csh global .login /etc/csh.login /etc/.login
default syslog and messages /var/log/syslog /var/log/messages /usr/adm/messages /var/log/maillog /var/adm/messages /var/log/syslog
system error reporting tool  dmesg (deb) reportbug prtdiag
performance monitoring vmstat procinfo -D sar; iostat; kstat; mpstat; netstat; nfsstat; prstat; trapstat; vmstat; ptree
match process to file or port lsof netstat -atup fuser lsof2 pfiles
X pop-up /usr/X11R6/bin/xmessage /usr/dt/bin/dterror.ds
TASK \ OS  Linux Solaris
FAQs (see also
mailing list
mailing list archives
man pages Fedora Core 4:
newsgroup(s) and forums comp.os.linux.* (esp .answers) comp.sys.sun.admin
user groups ?
vendor home page
vendor docs and patches (see also man pages)
vendor phone (US) ? 800-USA-4SUN
TASK / OS Linux Solaris

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